The latest news about Italy – 7.03.2024

Giant Wolf and Purple Stone: New Adventures at Gardaland

Summer in Italy promises to be even more thrilling with the introduction of new attractions at one of the country’s most famous amusement parks – Gardaland Resort. Starting from June, visitors to this paradise can immerse themselves in a world of incredible experiences and mysterious adventures.


The centerpiece of this new phase will be a majestic wolf, standing over 16 meters tall, cursed to be turned into stone. It is anticipated that the attraction featuring this giant wolf will capture the attention of both adults and children alike. Unique scenography, lighting, sound effects, and smoke effects will create a truly captivating atmosphere, full of mysteries and secrets that will unfold around this enigmatic creature.

The wolf, symbolizing strength, courage, and a connection to nature, has always drawn attention and been associated with various meanings. The anticipation of its release from the curse arouses curiosity and promises extraordinary discoveries and surprises.

However, the giant wolf will not be the only new feature at Gardaland. A purple stone adorned with 22 mysterious symbols and a message also captures visitors’ attention. Located on the central construction site, this artifact holds many mysteries, and its deciphering promises to reveal an incredible truth. It is expected that the stone will become an integral part of the new attraction, adding additional layers of mystery and atmosphere.

In addition to the new attractions, Gardaland Resort offers visitors a wide range of entertainment options. From the Gardaland SEA LIFE aquarium to LEGOLAND®, Europe’s first LEGO-themed water park, to the “Jumanji Adventure” dark ride, offering an exciting journey through dangerous animals and obstacles – there is entertainment for everyone here.

Thus, summer at Gardaland promises to be full of incredible adventures and thrilling discoveries. New attractions and mysterious artifacts await their explorers, ready to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and adventure



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