Taste Atlas Awards 2023/24: Italian Cuisine Recognized as the Best in the World

In the recent Taste Atlas Awards 2023/24, Italian cuisine once again asserted its superiority, claiming the top spot among the world’s best cuisines. This prestigious ranking is based on the votes of thousands of users expressing their preferences for the 50 best dishes from each country. Italian cuisine managed to capture the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide, earning recognition and a high average rating of 4.65.

The foundation for the victory of Italian cuisine lies in Neapolitan pizza, which rightfully secured its place in the rankings. The passion and craftsmanship invested in the preparation of this dish have made it a symbol of Italian culinary excellence. Despite close competition from Japan, Italy maintained its leadership, thanks to the popularity of its most iconic dish.

Following Italy and Japan in the top 10 best cuisines globally are Portugal, China, Indonesia, Mexico, France, Spain, and Peru. This ranking not only reflects taste preferences but also showcases the cultural diversity of culinary traditions worldwide.

However, despite the top-notch results, Taste Atlas also highlighted a few countries that found themselves at the bottom of the list. The Dominican Republic, Wales, and Ghana claimed the 98th, 99th, and 100th positions, respectively. This serves as a reminder that tastes can be subjective and influenced by various factors, including cultural peculiarities and personal preferences.

Picanha, a Brazilian beef dish, claimed the top spot in the list of the world’s best dishes according to Taste Atlas Awards 2023/24. It was followed by Roti Canai from Southeast Asia and Thai dish Phad Kaprao. Interestingly, Neapolitan pizza, which secured Italy’s victory in the overall rankings, held the fourth position among the world’s best dishes.

Italian cuisine also showcased its excellence in the list of the world’s best dishes. Thirteen Italian recipes made it into the top 100, underscoring the popularity and diversity of Italian culinary creations. Taliatelle with wild boar ranked 11th, Focaccia di Recco at 31st, followed by Genoese pesto, Neapolitan Parmesan, Bolognese ragu, linguini with seafood, carbonara, Bolognese lasagna, white mushroom risotto, fried mix, and Florentine steak.

Italian cheeses also received well-deserved recognition. Parmigiano Reggiano once again affirmed its status as the world’s best cheese, followed by buffalo milk mozzarella and Stracchino.

Lastly, in the ranking of the best cities globally for food, Italian cities claimed the top positions. Rome, Bologna, and Naples took the podium, recommended by Taste Atlas users for their pizza slices, carbonara pasta, taliatelle and tortellini, and of course, pizza. But also, puff pastry.

In conclusion, the Taste Atlas Awards 2023/24 emphasized the undeniable influence of Italian cuisine worldwide, ascending to the pinnacle due to its authenticity, diversity, and unparalleled taste



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