Villa Certosa: The Refined Residence of Silvio Berlusconi on Costa Smeralda Awaits New Owners

Nestled along the shores of Costa Smeralda, under the radiant Sardinian sun, stands Villa Certosa—an exquisite residence once owned by the former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi. This unique piece of paradise, sprawling across 110 hectares, is now seeking new stewards ready to embrace its rich history and elegance.

Architectural Splendor and Modern Amenities

Constructed in the late 1980s, Villa Certosa represents the pinnacle of architectural brilliance. Silvio Berlusconi, a passionate real estate collector, infused his vision and style into this Sardinian gem. Today, the residence offers not only luxurious rooms and refined interiors but also all the modern amenities necessary for living at the highest level.

History of Meetings and Global Influence

Villa Certosa has witnessed numerous meetings of prominent figures. Decisions resonated not only within the realm of Italian politics but also on a global scale. Silvio Berlusconi hosted presidents, prime ministers, and leaders from various countries, imparting an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement to each event.

Exclusive Details of the Villa

Comprising 126 rooms, 4 bungalows, tennis courts, and extensive gardens, Villa Certosa provides its occupants with not just accommodation but also a historical legacy. Cultural events find a space in the amphitheater, comfort resides in the orangery, and solitude is found in the private garage and park.

The Price of Excellence and Potential Buyers

Presently, this residence is listed for an impressive sum of 500 million euros. The asking price attests not only to the luxury and prestige of the villa but also to its historical significance. Among potential buyers are billionaires from the Arab Emirates and the United States, as well as representatives of international hotel groups.

Fate of the Villa: Continuing the Legend

The destiny of Villa Certosa now rests in the hands of those who will carry the banner of its legacy. Whether preserving the traditions of hosting great leaders or creating new chapters in the history of grandeur, this residence offers its future owners the opportunity to become a part of the exclusive history of Costa Smeralda. Villa Certosa is not just a house but a living work of art and a gateway to a world of legendary encounters and refinement


  • Villa La Certosa sprawls across 168 acres (approximately 17 hectares) and stands as a prime example of luxurious elite real estate.
  • It boasts 68 rooms, six pools, a vast park, waterfalls, and even an artificial volcano.
  • The villa’s main attraction is said to be a mosaic-adorned private grotto in the style of James Bond.
  • The grotto is connected to the sea through a secret underground tunnel, which Silvio Berlusconi claimed serves as an evacuation route due to threats on his life.
  • Despite debates about the tunnel’s purposes, the grotto has fascinated influential and affluent guests, including world leaders



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