Traveling from Abu Dhabi to Como: Transport Options and the Benefits of Exclusive Transfer

To embark on your journey from Abu Dhabi to Como, the first step is a flight. Book a flight to the nearest airport to Como, such as Milan Malpensa or Milan Linate. Upon arrival in Italy, you can opt for public transportation, rent a car, or, as we will suggest, avail the services of a private transfer.

Local Transport Options in Italy

  • From Milan Malpensa Airport, the Malpensa Express is a swift way to reach the center of Milan. From there, you can take a train to Como, with the journey taking approximately an hour.
  • If you arrive at Milan Linate Airport, buses or taxis can take you to Milan’s central station, from where you can also reach Como by train.

By Car

  • If you prefer independence, you can rent a car at the airport and drive to Como following road signs or using a navigation system.

Exclusive Transfer

  • However, a recommended option for a comfortable and stylish transfer is to use the services of Exclusive Transfer. This company provides private transfers directly from Milan Malpensa Airport to Como and back.
  • Private transfers offer several advantages, including comfort, punctuality, and door-to-door service. Exclusive Transfer drivers are experienced professionals ensuring a safe and carefree journey.
  • Booking a transfer with Exclusive Transfer allows you to avoid the stress associated with public transportation, providing a personalized experience with luxurious vehicles and individual attention.

Ease and Convenience

An Exclusive Transfer ensures that your journey from Milan Malpensa to Como and back is seamless and luxurious. Simply book in advance online, specify flight details, and the driver will be ready to greet you upon arrival.

Additional Opportunities

It’s worth noting that from Malpensa Airport, it’s easy to reach not only Como but also other towns on Lake Como, such as Bellagio and Menaggio. Such options open up possibilities for extending your trip and exploring the wonderful places around the lake.

In conclusion, if you are seeking a convenient, reliable, and stylish transport option for your journey from Abu Dhabi to Como, Exclusive Transfer is an excellent choice, providing a tailored solution to meet your travel needs.

Exclusive Transfer in Italy: Tailored Fleet for Perfect Journeys

Exclusive Transfer sets a new standard in collaboration with travel agencies, providing clients access to a fleet that precisely meets the highest standards of comfort and style during their travels through the beautiful natural and cultural landscapes of Italy.

Tailored Fleet and Flexible Pricing Policy

Exclusive Transfer ensures that the company’s fleet is tailored to the needs and preferences of clients. Our range includes not only elegant sedans but also comfortable vans, offering a wide choice for every type of traveler. A flexible pricing system allows agencies to select optimal options that align with the budget and preferences of their clients.

Privileges for Regular Clients

Exclusive Transfer expresses gratitude to its regular clients by offering special privileges. After the 10th trip, clients are provided with the opportunity for a complimentary transfer on the “Milan – Malpensa Airport” route, emphasizing the importance of each client to the company.

Safety, Reliability, Comfort

Exclusive Transfer places a paramount emphasis not only on comfort but also on safety during each journey. Our professional drivers ensure reliability and precision in every maneuver, providing travelers with peace of mind. High-class vehicles ensure the maximum level of comfort throughout the entire journey.

Exclusive Transfer invites travel agencies to reach out for additional information and discover how we can make their next journey in Italy truly unique. Exclusive Transfer – your perfect partner for creating individual and stylish trips



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Malpensa Airport – Como – from € 90.-
Malpensa Airport – Bellagio – from € 150.-
Malpensa Airport – Menaggio – from € 150.-
Malpensa Airport – Milan – from € 90,-
Como – Malpensa Airport – from € 90.-
Bergamo – Milan – from € 90.-
Genoa – Milan – from € 280.-
Venice – Milan – from € 500.-
Outlet Serravalle – Milan – from € 250.-
Lugano – Milan – from € 140.-


Serravalle outlet
Genoa - Portofino
Genoa - Milan
Venice - Treviso Airport
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