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Decrease in Gas Bills for February 2024: Announcement by Arera on Prices

The price of gas has decreased by 4%, resulting in lower bills for February 2024 compared to January. This calculation comes from Arera, which only concerns those still in the regulated market, namely ‘vulnerable’ domestic customers.


The price drop in gas is leading to reduced bills to be paid: the reference price for methane in February 2024 was 4% lower than January (taxes included), and this will be reflected in energy bills. This was communicated, as is done every month, by Arera, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks, and the Environment. Arera monitors reference prices, but only for a specific category: vulnerable domestic customers.

Vulnerable customers are those who, even after the switch to the free gas market in January, could remain under the regulated regime due to their particular circumstances. This includes approximately 2.5 million users. Vulnerable individuals include those over 75, those receiving the social bonus for energy, as well as people with disabilities and those living in emergency facilities following natural disasters. The ‘typical’ user to whom Arera refers for its calculations consumes an average of 1,100 cubic meters of gas per year.

In its statement, Arera announced that the reference price for gas last month was 100.37 cents per cubic meter, down 4% from January. On the bill, of these 100 cents, around 41 are due to the gas itself, about 30 to taxes, another 26 cover expenses for methane transport and distribution, and there are also two cents for “system charges.”

Arera, based on this data, also updated the component of the gas price that covers procurement costs. This is the gas price applied to vulnerable users, and it is measured against the price applied during the month on the Italian wholesale market, called Psv. In February 2024, the price was 27.84 euros per megawatt-hour. A rate much lower than what was seen in previous months, especially in the summer of 2022 when it exceeded 300 euros per megawatt-hour.

As for customers who have moved to the free market, their billing prices are set by the supplying companies. For those who were in the regulated market and did not choose a new supplier, they automatically entered the gradual protection service, which is similar to the regulated market but has an additional variable to pay, decided by the supplier. In any case, there is no single authority to refer to for these customers. However, to know the gas price applied, it is sufficient to consult their bill, which must always include the exact data on how much the raw material cost



Italian Female Billionaires: Influential Women in the Business World

Italy, known for its rich cultural heritage and exquisite cuisine, also contributes to the world of business, including among female billionaires. According to the latest City Index research, based on Forbes data, Italy is home to 19 women whose assets exceed one billion dollars. These women not only reflect the prosperity of the Italian economy but also assert their significance in the global business arena.


One of the most prominent figures among Italian female billionaires is Marina Caprotti, the daughter of renowned businessman Bernardo Caprotti. Her assets affirm her status as one of Italy’s leading female billionaires.

Another outstanding figure among Italian female billionaires is Marina Berlusconi, whose assets amount to $1.9 billion. As the eldest daughter of former Italian president and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, Marina Berlusconi actively participates in managing the family businesses.

Yet another significant figure among Italian female billionaires is Isabella Seragnoli, the head of Coesia, a company specializing in industrial and packaging products. Her assets are estimated at $2.8 billion, confirming her influence in the business community.

Additionally, the list of Italian female billionaires includes Sabrina Benetton, Alessandra Garavoglia, and Miuccia Prada, whose assets and influence in the business world are also noteworthy.

However, despite the impressive achievements of Italian female billionaires, in the global context, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, the head of L’Oreal, remains at the top of the list of the world’s richest women, with assets totaling an impressive $90.2 billion.

Thus, Italian female billionaires not only contribute to Italy’s economic prosperity but also represent significant figures in the global business landscape, showcasing their unique entrepreneurial and leadership abilities.



Victoria Beckham: Memories of Vacation in Italy and Her Connection to Milan

Victoria Beckham, known as a former member of the Spice Girls group and the wife of legendary footballer David Beckham, not only attracts attention with her style and business acumen but also shares her memories of iconic places that have left a mark on her heart.


One such place is the Ligurian resort of Portofino, where Victoria spent her first vacation with her husband. These memories inspired her to create perfumed fragrances dedicated to this place. One of them, “Portofino ’97,” embodies the atmosphere of romance and allure brought by Victoria and David’s first encounter with the Italian sea.

Portofino not only remained in Victoria’s heart but also became a special place for the Beckham family. In 2022, Victoria’s son Brooklyn and his wife Nicola Peltz chose Portofino for their honeymoon, confirming its special significance for the entire family.

However, Italy is not limited to Liguria for the Beckham family. Apulia, with its stunning landscapes and luxurious hotels, has also been a place for their summer vacations. The Borgo Egnazia relais hotel in Savelletri di Fasano, in particular, became their favorite vacation spot.

Additionally, Milan holds a special significance for Victoria and David Beckham. David played for the football club Milan, and Victoria, reportedly, expressed a desire to live in this city, falling in love with its architecture and beauty.

Thus, Victoria Beckham’s memories of vacation in Liguria and her connection to Milan underline not only the significance of these places for the Beckham family but also their attachment to Italy, which has become not only a vacation destination but also a source of inspiration for creating fragrances and memorable moments in their lives



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