The latest news about Italy – 27.02.2024

Release of Italian Hostages in Mali: Triumph of Diplomacy and Intelligence

As a result of joint efforts between the Italian secret service of foreign affairs (AISE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, three Italians abducted by jihadists in Mali in May 2022 have been successfully freed. The family, consisting of Rocco Langone and Donata Caivano, a married couple, and their son Giovanni Langone, is set to return to Italy on Tuesday.

The Italian government emphasized that the hostages are in good health despite their prolonged captivity and has not disclosed the details of the operation leading to their release. However, it was noted that the success was made possible through the active engagement of AISE and their collaboration with local intelligence services and tribal representatives in the region.

The story dates back to May 2022 when the family was abducted by a group linked to Al-Qaeda (JNIM) from their residence in the city of Koutiala. Their return to Italy is anticipated in Rome, underscoring the significance of diplomacy and intelligence in ensuring the safety of citizens abroad


Red Alert in Veneto: Train Services Halted, Schools Closed

Severe weather conditions in Veneto have led to a red alert, resulting in the suspension of train services on the Milan-Venice railway line between Vicenza and Padua. The risk of flooding has prompted this measure, impacting both incoming and outgoing trains. Schools are closed, and landslides have been reported, causing disruptions in various areas. In Badia Calavena, the SP 36 highway is blocked due to road collapse. Technical experts from RFI are on-site, working to reprogram train services amidst the challenging weather conditions

The Municipal Operations Center has decided to close all schools and municipal sports facilities in the Vicenza area on Wednesday, February 28. This measure aims to prevent road congestion, ensuring free access for the prompt intervention of civil defense and emergency medical services

National Strike Alert in Italy on March 8

In Milan, a warning is issued regarding potential disruptions to Trenord train services from midnight until 9 p.m. on March 8. Additionally, expected interruptions in metro, tram, and Atm bus services throughout the day are anticipated. This is associated with an upcoming national strike scheduled for March 8. Slai Cobas has called for the strike, encompassing workers across various sectors. Attention is particularly focused on the transportation sector, with possible halts in train and public transport services. Railway workers may strike from midnight to 9 p.m., while public transport employees may abstain from work for 24 hours. Various unions, including Usb, Cub (excluding the transportation sector), and Adl Cobas, support the strike.

Italy: Cyclonic Vortex Bringing Rain and Snowfall

A cyclonic vortex has entered Italy, ushering in intense rains and snowfalls. According to the forecast by Antonio Sano, founder of, multiple rounds of rain are expected until the first weekend of March. The cyclone will traverse from the Ligurian Sea towards Sardinia, the Tyrrhenian Sea, and Sicily, before exiting Italy. Along its path, precipitation is anticipated across all regions, accompanied by activated strong southerly winds (Sirocco) and persistent snowfalls in the Alps.

Until Wednesday morning, the most significant rains and thunderstorms will impact the central-northern region. Snowfall will be substantial in the Alps, starting at altitudes of 1200-1300 meters and at lower elevations near the borders. From Thursday, February 29, rain will hit Calabria, the entire central-southern Adriatic region, and Emilia-Romagna. Despite improved weather conditions in the south, two additional disturbances are expected on Friday and the weekend.


  • Tuesday, February 27: Widespread precipitation and snow in northern regions.
  • Wednesday, February 28: Increased rain in the north and worsening conditions in the central and eastern areas.
  • Thursday, February 29: Rain in Emilia-Romagna and deteriorating weather in other regions.
  • Trend: Further deterioration on Friday and the weekend.


Venice Flooding: MOSE Remains Inactive as Water Peaks at 95 cm

Venice is once again grappling with flooding due to inclement weather. This time, St. Mark’s Square was submerged due to rain, forcing tourists to queue on the sidewalks to visit the Doge’s Palace.

However, despite such occurrences, the MOSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico) flood barrier system remains inactive. According to the latest reports, the expected peak tide is 95 centimeters, below the activation threshold for the mechanism. MOSE is designed to activate only when tides are forecasted to reach 130 centimeters and above.

This raises questions about the effectiveness of the city’s flood protection system in the face of a changing climate. Events like these continue to underscore the importance of supporting and enhancing infrastructure capable of handling the increasing risk of natural disasters

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