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Exclusive Transfer from Malpensa Airport to Milan for €90: Your Path to Comfortable Travel

An exclusive transfer from Malpensa Airport to Milan offers a luxurious and efficient way to travel from one of Italy’s largest airports to the heart of the fashion capital. For travelers looking to avoid the complexities of public transportation or long waits in taxi queues, an exclusive journey is available at a fixed price starting from €90


Advantages of Exclusive Transfer

Luxury Transfer: One of the most attractive options is the exclusive transfer. You can indulge in a luxurious journey to and from Malpensa Airport to Milan, fully immersing yourself in the comfort and luxury of your travel.

Fixed Price: One of the key advantages is the absence of unexpected expenses. The price of a transfer from Malpensa Airport to Milan starts from €90, allowing passengers to plan their budget in advance without worrying about additional charges for traffic jams or detours.

Safety and Reliability: In times when travel safety is a priority, pre-booked transfers guarantee that each driver is thoroughly vetted and has all the necessary licenses to provide transportation services. Vehicles undergo regular maintenance, ensuring a safe and reliable journey from point A to point B.

Flexibility: The transfer offers flexibility in planning, considering the possibility of changes or cancellations. This is particularly convenient for travelers with fluctuating plans or in case of flight delays.

How to Book a Transfer

Booking a transfer from Malpensa Airport to Milan is a straightforward process. You can contact us via our WhatsApp hotline at +39 328 493 4900 to inquire about available transfer options and make your booking. After confirming the reservation, passengers receive confirmation with trip details and driver information.

An exclusive transfer from Malpensa Airport to Milan for €90 is the perfect solution for those seeking comfort, convenience, and luxury. Contact our WhatsApp hotline at +39 328 493 4900 to make your booking and indulge in an exclusive journey to Milan



Landslide Tragedy Narrowly Averted in Crocefieschi / Liguria

A near-tragedy unfolded Friday evening in the town of Crocefieschi, as a large landslide descended from a hillside around 8 p.m., crashing into an elementary school. A boulder estimated to weigh over thirty tons smashed through the school’s wall, protruding about two meters above the ground, penetrating its interior. Fortunately, the catastrophe was narrowly averted, and there were no casualties.


Immediate Measures Firefighters, swiftly arriving at the scene, evacuated one house as a precautionary measure and blocked access to three others, as well as the football field. This doesn’t imply that further similar measures won’t be taken today. Even the school building, currently, according to city administration, is unfit for use. This morning, at dawn, damage assessment begins: after further inspections by Mayor Filippo Bassignani, municipal technical specialists, a geologist, and firefighters, a new structural assessment of the school, which sustained significant damage, as well as the stability of the landslide, is expected.

Meanwhile, the Liguria region is also closely monitoring the situation: “We are at the disposal of the municipal administration with our civil protection,” declare President Giovanni Toti and Liguria’s protection advisor, Giacomo Jampedrone. “Certainly, the landslide was caused by rains that fell in recent days and which, as we know, can have consequences on the ground even after several days.”

New Disorder Approaching The arrival of a new disturbance is expected in the next few months with possible strong storms, mainly targeting the central and western parts of Liguria overnight and throughout the day tomorrow, Sunday, March 3. This doesn’t mean that a weather warning won’t be issued: “Our Arpal meteorologists are working on issuing the first daily bulletin after 12,” conclude Toti and Jampedrone. “We recommend all citizens to exercise caution.”

The Crocefieschi landslide was the latest and most serious in a series of landslides that have affected the capital city’s territory: after the rains of recent days, other minor landslides were recorded yesterday, and a stretch of road in Genoa was closed as a precaution. Attention remains high, as a new wave of bad weather is expected in the next few hours



Michelin-Starred Restaurant ‘Senso’ at the Mart to Reduce Opening Hours: Only Friday Evenings

The prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant “Senso,” located within the renowned Mart Museum in Rovereto, has announced significant changes to its operations starting in April. After a period of reflection and evaluation, Chef Alfio Ghezzi has made the decision to drastically reduce its opening hours, focusing on just one evening per week, specifically Friday evenings.


This announcement has sparked great interest and curiosity within the local gastronomic community, considering the restaurant’s established reputation over the years for its refined and innovative cuisine. Grounded in the fusion of Italian culinary tradition and contemporary influences, Alfio Ghezzi’s cuisine has won the hearts of connoisseurs, earning the prestigious Michelin star.

The reasons behind this decision were clarified by the chef himself, emphasizing that besides the pursuit of culinary perfection, it’s essential to consider other managerial aspects of the business. Ghezzi stated that in recent years, he has primarily focused his efforts on perfecting the cuisine and expressing his personality through the dishes, perhaps overlooking some crucial aspects related to overall restaurant management. However, global challenges and changes have necessitated a reassessment of this approach.

Reducing the opening hours of the “Senso” restaurant is not the only change planned. Chef Ghezzi has also announced a revision of the tasting menu offered to guests, which will become even more “essential” and will more prominently reflect his culinary personality. This culinary evolution aims for greater simplicity and authenticity in the dishes offered, eliminating embellishments to focus solely on the quality of ingredients and mastery in their preparation.

Despite these significant changes, it is worth noting that the bistro attached to the “Senso” restaurant, which continues to offer high-quality food during the day, will remain unchanged and will continue to welcome its customers as usual.

In conclusion, the decision to reduce opening hours and renew the menu of the Michelin-starred “Senso” restaurant reflects Chef Alfio Ghezzi’s constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, confirming his commitment to meeting guest expectations and maintaining the prestige and reputation of the establishment in the Italian gastronomic landscape



Italian-Swiss Railway Line Recognized as “Train of the Month”

The year 2024 began with significant recognition for one of Italy’s most picturesque trains – the Italian-Swiss railway line connecting Domodossola to Locarno. This railway route, known as the Vigezzina-Centovalli, was honored as the “Train of the Month” in the British newspaper The Guardian. Already attracting considerable attention due to its historical significance and breathtaking landscapes.


The year 2024 began with significant recognition for one of Italy’s most picturesque trains – the Italian-Swiss railway line connecting Domodossola to Locarno. This railway route, known as the Vigezzina-Centovalli, was honored as the “Train of the Month” in the British newspaper The Guardian. Already attracting considerable attention due to its historical significance and breathtaking landscapes.

New Offers for Spring Travel

After the successful “Winter for Two” campaign, which attracted over 2000 passengers, the Vigezzina-Centovalli railway offers new and attractive options for springtime travel amidst the scenic Alps and Lake Maggiore.

From March 4th to 10th, a special campaign titled “Viaggi in Rosa” (Travel in Pink) will take place. During this period, women can purchase a special “Women’s Week” ticket at a significant discount online on the website. This ticket will allow passengers to enjoy the spring nature in the Vigezzo Valley, Centovalli, and especially in Locarno, where the magnificent camellia bloom occurs.

Camellias in Locarno: An International Event

One of the main events in the region will be the “Camellias Locarno” exhibition scheduled from March 20th to 24th. The railway company offers a special “Camellia Festival in Locarno” ticket, including a return trip from Domodossola to Locarno, with the option of use for one or two days, as well as admission to the exhibition. Tickets can be purchased online on the company’s official website.

Praise from The Guardian

The Vigezzina-Centovalli train received well-deserved recognition from the renowned British newspaper The Guardian. Journalist Nicky Gardner described it as an “extraordinary mountain route” with breathtaking views of the Pennine Alps. This recognition highlights the importance and attractiveness of this historical railway line as a tourist destination.

The Italian-Swiss railway line Vigezzina-Centovalli continues to attract attention as a unique and beautiful destination for travel. New campaigns and events make it even more appealing to tourists looking to enjoy the beauty of the Alps and Lake Maggiore in the springtime



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