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European Giants: Leaders in Weapon Production in 2022. Italy’s Exports

In 2022, European countries continue to play a pivotal role in the global defense industry, showcasing their prowess in weapon manufacturing. This article explores several leading European companies and nations that significantly contribute to the production of weaponry, ensuring security not only within their borders but also worldwide.


Italy: The Queen of Military Industry

Italy has emerged as a true leader in weapon production in Europe in 2022. The company Leonardo, securing the 13th position in the global ranking of weapon manufacturers, amassed an impressive $15 billion, constituting approximately 83% of the total revenue in the industry. The company specializes not only in small arms but also in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the defense sector.

France: Military-Industrial Titans

France also makes a substantial contribution to the global defense production. Trans-European Airbus, occupying the 14th position, and Thales at 17th place are French corporations wielding influence on the global arms market. Dassault Aviation Group, holding the 23rd position, sells 70% of its military products globally.

United Kingdom and Germany: Technological Innovations

The United Kingdom, represented by Rolls Royce, and Germany, represented by Rheinmetall, are not far behind. While Rolls Royce is primarily known for its aircraft engines, the company ranks 25th in the global weapons manufacturers’ list. Rheinmetall, at 28th place, specializes in the production of technologically advanced military equipment.

Italy’s Exports: Boundless Opportunities

Italy is actively engaged in weapon exports as well. In the period 2018-2022, Italy accounted for 3.8% of the world’s weapon exports. Notably, 67% of this export is destined for the Middle East, emphasizing the global role of the Italian defense industry.

European countries remain integral to the global defense industry, providing high-tech solutions and products to ensure security in the modern world. Their leadership in the field of weapon production continues to strengthen, affirming technological expertise and innovative developments in this strategically vital sector



Italy’s Sunlit Cities: Ranking by Sunshine Hours

The sun is a true panacea not only for our bodies but also for our moods. Lack of sunlight during winter, especially in northern European regions, can lead to disruptions in the psychophysical balance, manifesting as anxiety, depression, and low spirits. An analysis conducted by Holidu based on World Weather Online data has provided a ranking of 50 Italian cities based on the average number of sunshine hours per month over the past year.


1. Sicily: Catania and Syracuse

At the top of the list are two gems of Sicily – Catania and Syracuse. With 274.9 and 274.1 sunshine hours per month respectively, they have become true leaders. These cities not only impress with their history and culture but also indulge their residents and visitors with sunny days.

2. Cagliari: Bronze Medal

Taking second place is the city of Cagliari with 269.5 sunshine hours per month. This Sardinian city offers its inhabitants and tourists a rich experience of history, architecture, and, of course, sunshine.

3. Andria and Pescara: Top Five Leaders

Andria and Pescara share the third spot among Italy’s sunniest cities. Andria, rising 16 positions compared to the previous study, and Pescara create the perfect atmosphere for those who appreciate sunny days.

4. Genoa: Capital of Liguria

Sunshine hours in Genoa amount to 218.3 per month, placing the capital of Liguria in 38th position in the ranking. Compared to 2022, it seems that the city has dropped by 33 positions, but it continues to delight its residents with a mild climate and warm sun.

5. Mountain Cities: Trento and Aosta

At the bottom of the ranking are mountain cities. Trento takes the 49th position with 198.5 sunshine hours, while Aosta closes the list with 170.6 hours per month. Despite relatively fewer sunny days, these cities possess their unique charm and the beauty of mountain landscapes.

In conclusion, sunshine hours play a crucial role in the daily lives of city dwellers, shaping the unique character of each city. The diverse and colorful Italian land bestows its own sunny mood on everyone



Fiumicino: Illegal Cruise Port Threatening Environmental Disaster

Increasingly, residents of Fiumicino are growing concerned about the future of their coastal town. Plans to construct a large cruise port on the beach near the Isola Sacra lighthouse are raising serious alarm bells among residents and environmentalists alike. The port, slated to be ready for the jubilee and host thousands of pilgrims, seems more like a fantasy than a reality.


The project, initiated but then frozen due to legal disputes and land confiscation, has already left its mark on the surrounding environment. The construction of a wall and alteration of sea currents have led to serious problems, including water retreat and the threat to historic homes submerged in water.

Despite these issues, the American company Fiumicino Waterfront, a subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Group, is determined to build the cruise port, despite legal constraints, aiming to facilitate cruise tourism. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the company’s plans jeopardize the safety and sustainability of the region.

One of the main concerns is the mobility of Isola Sacra, which is already in a critical state. The proposed landing site for pilgrims in Rome adds additional pressure to an already overloaded infrastructure, which could lead to serious transportation and safety issues.

The ecological aspect is also troubling many. Creating the necessary depth for large cruise ships requires excavating a vast amount of sand, which could have serious consequences for the local ecosystem and biodiversity.

All these issues are corroborated by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, which has identified serious critical problems with the project.

In the end, the project seems fantastical but too risky to proceed with. Local residents and environmental organizations continue to fight against this illegal and environmentally hazardous endeavor



Massive Fraud in the EU Budget: Italy at the Forefront

The latest annual report from the European Public Prosecutor’s Office sheds light on the alarming scale of fraud within the budget of the European Union. Examining the data presented in this document, it becomes evident that Italy plays a leading role in this dark drama, where billions of euros disappear into the shadows of financial intrigue.


In 2023 alone, there were 556 investigations opened against Italy with an estimated damage of over six billion euros. This figure constitutes half of the total damage recorded in Europe, amounting to 12.28 billion euros. The Prosecutor’s Office reports 618 active investigations unrelated to 2023, with an estimated damage of 7.3 billion euros. At the European level, there are 1,927 active investigations, with a total damage amounting to 19.2 billion euros. It is also clear from this report that serious cross-border VAT fraud plays a crucial role in fraudulent schemes. As noted by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, this type of fraud is often associated with complex criminal organizations and is practically impossible to detect from a purely national perspective. It is noteworthy that 59% of the total fraud amount in Europe, totaling 11.5 billion euros, is linked to this type of crime. Italy also stands out in the context of funding EU projects such as “Next Generation.” 206 out of all active investigations were related to these projects, representing 15% of all cases of misappropriation of funds. This number is likely to increase as the implementation of funding within the framework of National Recovery and Resilience Plans accelerates. Chief European Prosecutor Laura Kövesi emphasizes the importance of understanding the scale of this fraud in-depth. She highlights that the involvement of organized criminal groups is crucial to understanding the origin of funds and the mechanisms of money laundering. Undermining the financial capabilities of these groups becomes a strategic goal for the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to paralyze their activities and protect the EU budget from further losses. Thus, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office report serves as a wake-up call, underscoring the need for more effective control and prevention of financial machinations that threaten the stability and integrity of the European Union budget.



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