Sestriere Travel Guide: Embracing Winter Comfort and Summer Adventure


Nestled in the picturesque Italian Alps, the resort town of Sestriere in the Piedmont region invites you to immerse yourself in stunning alpine landscapes, where winter enchants with blankets of white snow and summer unveils a diverse natural scenery. The region is part of the renowned ski complex “Via Lattea,” offering a unique experience for winter getaways.

Ski Trails

Sestriere, located in the Italian Alps, is part of the larger ski area known as Via Lattea (Milky Way). This resort truly offers diverse skiing trails catering to skiers of all skill levels. Here’s a brief description of some of the trails:


Sises: An easy trail suitable for beginners, located in the lower part of the resort.


Fraiteve: This trail is suitable for intermediate skiers, providing excellent conditions for skill development.


Kandahar Banchetta: Known for its challenging sections, this trail is designed for experienced skiers and hosts professional skiing competitions.


Vallone del Colle: An off-piste area for freeriding enthusiasts, offering numerous opportunities for off-trail adventures.


Sestriere Snowpark: For freestyle enthusiasts, this resort features a snowpark with various elements such as kickers, boxes, and jumps.

Family-friendly Trails:

Various easy trails and children’s areas provide excellent conditions for family skiing.

The overall number and variety of trails in Sestriere make it attractive for skiers of all levels. Additionally, the resort is typically equipped with modern lifts and other infrastructure for a comfortable and safe skiing experience

Top 5 Restaurants

Ristorante Alpi
A culinary oasis, offering exquisite Piedmontese dishes and immersing guests in a cozy atmosphere with breathtaking mountain views.

La Grotta
An elegant establishment with refined Italian and alpine cuisine, designed to enchant you with the magic of gastronomy.

Il Cantuccio
Guests enjoy unique dishes made from fresh local produce, revealing the flavors of traditional Piedmontese cuisine.

La Vieille Auberge
Blending French cuisine with alpine charm, this place allows you to savor not only a superb dinner but also panoramic views.

Osteria Il Centro
A cozy osteria where friendly staff serve dishes using the finest local products and excellent wines.

Top 5 Hotels

Hotel Principi di Piemonte Sestriere
A luxurious hotel offering not only comfortable rooms but also a spa center, top-notch restaurants, and attentive service.

Grand Hotel Sestriere
An elegant hotel with a unique design, spacious rooms, and all the amenities needed for a pleasant stay.

Hotel Biancaneve
A cozy hotel with a traditional alpine style, providing solitude and comfort after an active day on the slopes.

Hotel Shackleton Mountain Resort
A modern hotel with stunning mountain views, tempting guests with a pool, a restaurant with a diverse menu, and a warm atmosphere.

Hotel Belvedere
Blessed with an excellent location, this hotel welcomes guests with spacious rooms, panoramic views, attentive service, and exquisite cuisine.

Summer Activities

In the summer, Sestriere transforms into a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, biking, and mountain tours offer a unique opportunity to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and fresh air.

Traditional Events

Sestriere is renowned for its traditional events, including holidays, festivals, and ski competitions. It’s important to learn about any events coinciding with your visit to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of local culture and traditions.

Getting There

Sestriere is easily accessible from Malpensa Airport, one of the most popular airports in the region. From here, convenient transportation options like buses or taxis can take you to the resort.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy all facets of the captivating Sestriere, blending natural beauty, skiing pleasures, and refined culture



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Transfer to Sestiere

Malpensa Airport – Sestiere – from € 400.-
Turin Airport  – Sestiere – from € 270.-
Milan – Sestiere – from € 450.-
Aosta – Sestiere – from € 400.-
Geneve – Sestiere – from € 500.-


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