Pierre Silvio Berlusconi’s Villa in Portofino: A Triumph of Elegance and Luxury

Pierre Silvio Berlusconi, the eminent Italian media magnate is marking the dawn of a new era with the completion of the reconstruction of his luxurious haven – Villa San Sebastiano, nestled in the picturesque town of Portofino. This opulent mansion, spanning 1300 square meters, is not just a testament to style and luxury; it represents the triumphant realization of a long-awaited project.

Acquired in April 2022, Villa San Sebastiano has now become a gem along the Ligurian coast. The recently completed reconstruction has transformed it into a true work of art, adorned with an elegant facade of pastel salmon-pink – a color synonymous with the charm of this coastal region.

Every detail of the villa, from its color palette to the meticulously landscaped inner courtyard, speaks to the refined taste of its new owner. The Portofino Park and Directorate played a crucial role in guiding the redesign of the villa’s internal spaces, where chestnut curtains, intricately rooted by hand, create an atmosphere that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

In late 2023, Pierre Silvio received approval to construct a pergola on the property, marking the final architectural flourish before the family’s actual relocation. The municipality gave the green light to a request for structural adjustments, emphasizing the significance of this project for the local community.

This transition isn’t just a change of address; it marks a historic moment for the Berlusconi family. Completing the renovations on Villa San Sebastiano signifies bidding farewell to the historic residence of Castello Paradji, which the family leased in 1990. It underscores the importance of a new phase in the life of the Berlusconis, symbolizing the closing of a chapter rich in history and memories.

Beyond being a mere dwelling, Villa San Sebastiano has emerged as a masterpiece. Boasting 9 luxurious bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a pool, fruit garden, olive grove, and vineyard, it radiates an ambiance of sheer luxury and comfort.

The history of this residential complex also mirrors the fierce competition it attracted. Pierre Silvio, the CEO of Mediaset, successfully outpaced serious contenders, including entrepreneurs and actors from across the globe. The acquisition became a reality through Luca Bassani Antivari, founder of Wally Yacht and heir to the prestigious B-Ticino brand.

Positioned atop a hill, offering an unparalleled view of the bay, the villa’s location makes it one of the most enchanting spots in the region. Pierre Silvio Berlusconi’s involvement not only reflects his status but also contributes to the cultural heritage of Portofino.

In conclusion, the completion of Villa San Sebastiano’s reconstruction is not merely a local media highlight; it is an event that encapsulates history, style, and future aspirations. It’s not just a new residence for Pierre Silvio Berlusconi; it’s the embodiment of a new era, symbolizing a harmonious blend of sophistication and comfort in the heart of Portofino



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