Overcoming Social Inequalities in Milan

In Milan, a movement is gaining momentum aimed at establishing a fair wage that reflects the realities of life in this Italian metropolis. This initiative, stemming from the “Now!” movement, has evolved into a battle for social justice and the creation of an analytical center akin to London’s “Living Wage” model. The goal of this approach is to determine the cost of living in Milan and discuss it among key stakeholders.

Wage Realities in Milan

The average wage for low-income workers in Milan is 2% higher than in the rest of Italy but 1% lower than the national average. This disparity is particularly noticeable among those with only primary or secondary education, whose hourly pay is 4% lower in Milan compared to the rest of Lombardy and 1% lower compared to the national average. Meanwhile, the cost of living in Milan is significantly higher.

The Need for Minimum Wage Establishment: Ensuring Dignified Conditions for All City Dwellers

Considering the rising costs of living and differences in housing expenses, the “Now!” movement advocates for establishing a minimum wage that would ensure dignified living conditions in Milan. An expert commission, comprising representatives from various spheres of public life, will determine the hourly wage necessary for a decent existence in the city.

Municipal Support: Uniting Efforts for Change

Mayor Beppe Sala has expressed readiness to discuss this initiative and called for extensive deliberation among stakeholders. Experts believe that a similar approach has been successfully implemented in London and can be effectively adapted to Milan’s local conditions.

A Step Towards a Fairer Society

Establishing a minimum wage in Milan is not only an economic but also a social issue that requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders. It is a significant step towards creating a fairer and more sustainable society where every city dweller can feel respected and protected


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