Italy A Pinnacle in European Production and Export of Table Grapes

Italy, renowned for its rich artistic and culinary heritage, also holds a significant position globally in the production of table grapes. According to the presentation at the 25th National Congress on table grapes, organized by the Italian Academy of Grapes and Wine, the country stands as a leading European producer, yielding an impressive one million tons of grapes.

Apulia, despite a 35% reduction in production in 2023, remains the primary region in Italy, contributing 60% of the total production. Following closely are Sicily with 35% and Basilicata with 5%. These figures affirm Italy’s resilient standing in the global grape-growing industry.

Recent ISTAT data underscores Italy’s substantial land allocation for grape cultivation, totaling 47,416 hectares. Apulia, with 24,455 hectares, and Sicily, with 18,681 hectares, lead in land area dedicated to cultivating table grapes. Other regions also contribute, cultivating 3,589 hectares.

Italian table grapes enjoy well-deserved success on the global market. Of the total exports of one million tons from Italy, 35% is directed to Germany – the primary consumer of Italian grapes. France follows with a significant share of 20%, and the remaining 15% is exported to various countries within and outside the European Union.

The Italian market plays a pivotal role, accounting for 30% of the overall production. Both export and domestic demand collectively support the prosperity of the industry. According to Apeo – the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Italian table grapes have earned trust on the global market.

Interestingly, global table grape production is projected to grow by 5.7%, with Europe expecting a remarkable 14% increase. Italy, spearheading this growth with new seedless table grape plantations, becomes a key player in this expansion. This innovation, driven by Italian grape growers, becomes a crucial factor in consolidating the country’s position in the global wine market.

Thus, Italy continues to captivate the world with its grape-growing artistry, reaffirming its status as a great leader in the production and export of table grapes. Its rich legacy, blending tradition and innovation, makes Italy an indispensable part of the global winemaking landscape

Table grapes, also known as eating grapes, are a variety of grapes cultivated and consumed fresh. This type of grape differs from those typically used for winemaking and serves as a delightful addition to the table due to its sweet taste and aroma.

Characteristics of Table Grapes

Varietal Diversity:
There are numerous varieties of table grapes, each with its unique flavor, size, and berry color. Some of the most popular varieties include Thompson Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Cardinal, and others.

Table grapes can have various shapes, sizes, and colors. They may be green, yellow, red, or purple, depending on the variety.

Flavor Profile:
Table grapes are known for their sweet and refreshing taste. They may exhibit subtle notes of citrus, berries, and even floral undertones, making them an excellent choice for a summer treat.

Nutritional Value:
Grapes are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, and also contain fiber and antioxidants. These elements make table grapes beneficial for maintaining heart health, boosting immunity, and promoting healthy skin.

Preparation and Consumption

Enjoy Fresh:
Table grapes can be easily incorporated into your diet in their fresh form. Simply wash the berries and serve them whole or as part of salads and desserts.

You can also freeze table grapes to create refreshing frozen treats or use them as ice cubes for beverages.

Jams and Preserves:
Table grapes can be used to make delicious jams, preserves, and sauces, adding a unique flavor and aroma to these culinary creations.

Table grapes are not only a tasty indulgence but also a valuable source of nutrients. The variety of grape cultivars and their versatility in use make them a favorite component in many dishes worldwide. Include table grapes in your diet to savor this aromatic and beneficial treat



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