How to Get to Courchevel: A Guide for Travelers Choosing Milan Airports

When deciding how to reach the enchanting destination of Courchevel, many are faced with the choice between Geneva and Milan airports. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the advantages of Milan airports, particularly Malpensa, and why they prove to be a more appealing option compared to Geneva Airport, despite the additional expenses and transfer time.

Direct Flights to Milan:

  • Milan, especially Malpensa Airport, is renowned for its extensive network of direct flights, making your journey to Courchevel more convenient and straightforward.

Luxurious Shopping En Route:

  • Choosing Milan, particularly with the proximity of Malpensa Airport, provides a unique opportunity to indulge in the world of high fashion and shopping before arriving at the resort.

Additional Entertainment Opportunities:

  • Spending time in Milan before heading to Courchevel opens up additional opportunities to enjoy the culture, art, and cuisine of this magnificent city.

Geneva Airport: Issues and Limitations:

  • Geneva Airport, unlike Malpensa, often faces restrictions on direct flights, potentially making your journey less convenient and more complicated.

Additional Expenses and Transfer Time:

  • While transferring from Milan may incur additional expenses and time, considering the advantages makes these costs justified.

Practical Tips:

  • Plan your transfer route in advance to optimize time and comfort.
  • Utilize your stopover in Milan for enriching shopping, diverse culinary experiences, and visits to cultural landmarks.

Transfer to Courchevel

Transfer from Milan to Courchevel is a convenient and elegant way to travel between two renowned destinations offering completely different experiences.

Courchevel, nestled in the heart of the French Alps, stands as one of the most luxurious ski resorts globally. With its exquisite hotels, stunning mountain landscapes, and world-class ski slopes, Courchevel attracts both enthusiasts of active recreation and connoisseurs of luxury.

The transfer from Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, to Courchevel provides an opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes and comfort along the way. The journey may take several hours, depending on the chosen mode of transportation and route.

The expedition begins in Milan, with its stylish streets, cultural landmarks, and excellent shopping opportunities. From there, the transfer heads towards the mountains, where Courchevel welcomes guests with its breathtaking scenery and options for active leisure.

Transfer from Milan to Courchevel can offer various transportation options, including comfortable cars, buses, or private helicopters, emphasizing the level of comfort and style of this journey.

In summary, the transfer from Milan to Courchevel is not just a transition between the city and the ski resort but an opportunity to savor the journey through beautiful landscapes and experience the shift from urban luxury to alpine seclusion

Courchevel awaits, and the choice of Milan airports, especially Malpensa, becomes a pivotal moment in creating a unique and stylish journey. Let your adventure begin in Milan, where style, shopping, and entertainment become your faithful companions on the way to unforgettable memories of Courchevel.



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Malpensa Airport – Courchevel – from € 650.-
Malpensa Airport – Milan – from € 90.-
Como – Milan – from € 90.-
Bergamo – Milan – from € 90.-
Genoa – Milan – from € 280.-
Venice – Milan – from € 500.-
Outlet Serravalle – Milan – from € 250.-
Lugano – Milan – from € 140.-


Serravalle outlet
Genoa - Portofino
Genoa - Milan
Venice - Treviso Airport
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