Economic Recovery in Rome: Prospects and Challenges in the Service Sector

Rome-based companies are poised to create over 118,000 new jobs in the next three months, signaling dynamism and recovery in the local economy. However, despite this promising outlook, a study conducted by Unioncamere in collaboration with the Rome Chamber of Commerce highlights pressing challenges companies face in finding suitable profiles.

Rising Job Offers and Prospects for Q1 2024

According to the research, job offers in the province of Rome are rapidly increasing. Over 118,000 new positions are slated to be created in the next three months, marking a significant upswing compared to the same period in the previous year. Such growth affirms the active recovery of the Roman economy.

Notably, January alone is expected to see 44,620 new job openings, reflecting an increase of 3,550 compared to the same period in 2023. The total number of new records in the Lazio region is around 53,100, underscoring the dynamism of the labor market.

Challenges in Finding Qualified Personnel

The service sector emerges as the engine of growth and the primary source of new jobs, with 85% of vacancies linked to this sector. Managers, specialists, and technical personnel are in demand across most companies, constituting the expected 32% of hires. However, despite optimistic prospects, 39% of companies report difficulties in finding qualified professionals.

Additionally, job offers envision a mixed employment nature, with 68% of positions requiring fixed-term contracts. This may pose a challenge for those seeking stability in employment relationships.

Workforce Inclusion: Hiring Immigrants and Young Professionals

One interesting aspect of the study is companies’ intention to hire immigrant workers, accounting for 17% of their workforce plans. This could be a crucial step toward creating a diverse and inclusive labor force.

Moreover, young people under 30 are sought after in the job market, representing 33% of anticipated hires. This underscores the importance of supporting youth within the context of economic recovery.

The Need for Training and Qualification

Difficulties in finding qualified personnel make the issue of training and qualification relevant. Companies are compelled to invest in preparing their workforce to meet the demands of the expanding job market.

In conclusion, the recovery of the Roman economy, the creation of new jobs, and the surge in job offerings present a promising outlook. However, companies must overcome challenges related to the search for qualified personnel, emphasizing the importance of investing in the training and development of human resources for sustainable and long-term economic growth



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