Carnivals in Italy: Fun, Tradition and Charm

Carnivals in Italy in 2024 represent vibrant and unforgettable celebrations filled with love and joy. Italy is known for its uncontrollable emotionality and constant desire to immerse itself in vibrant fun. An old proverb confirms that carnivals in Italy are a time of unbridled fun, associated with enchanting and colorful celebrations. Italian carnivals are unique and varied, providing an opportunity to experience a world of adventure, fun and magic.

Venice Carnival

Il carnevale italiano più famoso è, ovviamente, il Carnevale di Venezia. Questa magnifica celebrazione, ricca di storia, porta la magia nelle strade di Venezia. Il simbolo principale sono le maschere misteriose, che sono opere d’arte realizzate con cura. Costumi in stile rinascimentale, ampi mantelli e squisiti copricapi creano un look unico per i partecipanti alla processione.

Carnival of Pont-Saint-Martin

The historical carnival of Pont-Saint-Martin, Valle d’Aosta region, which takes place from January 26 to February 26, celebrates an event associated with the echoes of ancient legends dating back to 1910.

One part of the carnival commemorates the defeat of the Salassi against the Romans, providing the opportunity for the defeated to participate in chariot races, where locals and invaders can again determine their strengths.

Another part of the carnival is inspired by the legend of the nymph of the mountain river Lys, which flows through the village. This legend tells how a nymph, angry at the inhabitants, increased the water flow with the intention of destroying the village. However, thanks to popular prayers, she managed to calm down and float past without causing damage. The role of the Nymph for local girls became honorable and memorable for a lifetime.

In the evening, at the end of the carnival, a stuffed devil is hung under the arch of the Roman bridge. This action, associated with the legend of Saint Martin of Tours, is accompanied by the spectacular burning of an effigy during a major performance.

Carnival in Viareggio

Carnival in Viareggio, Tuscany, which takes place from February 1 to 25, invites you to leave everyday life and plunge into the world of creativity, fantasy and dreams of freedom. During this event, according to a long-standing tradition, there is a parade of allegorical figures representing fairy-tale heroes and modern figures, wittily depicted by local artists (this year the parades are scheduled for February 1, 9, 15, 20, 23 and 25). Guests can expect a rich entertainment program and master classes for children.

Carnival in Cantu

Carnival in Cantu, province of Como, Lombardy region, which will take place from February 2 to 29 in 2020, celebrates its 94th season. This carnival, one of the most famous in all of Lombardy, includes festive parades featuring huge allegorical floats on February 2, 16 and 23. The final grand parade is scheduled for February 29 as part of the ceremonial closing of the carnival.

Carnival in Trucholo

A typical carnival character is Trucholo, an apprentice, symbolizing creativity, perseverance, hard work and imagination. In the old days, when carpentry was a traditional craft in these parts, you could find at least one craftsman in every house. Truciolo, clumsy and inattentive, but with a kind heart and noble soul, became an indispensable character embodying the values ​​of work and imagination.

The carnival in the city of Ivrea

The carnival in the city of Ivrea in Piedmont, province of Turin, which will take place from February 6 to 26, is one of the most ancient in Italy. Its program includes a variety of festive and gastronomic events. The highlight is the Historical Procession, but the main event is the Battle of the Orange. This outstanding spectacle symbolizes the rebellion when ordinary people resisted the army of a tyrant. For three days, starting on Sunday, unprotected foot soldiers battle wagon-mounted fighters whose faces are hidden by leather masks.

The Carnival of Figli di Bocco in Castiglion Fibocchi

The Carnival of Figli di Bocco in Castiglion Fibocchi in Tuscany, province of Arezzo, which will take place on February 8-9 and 15-16, rivals the grandeur of even the Venetian Carnival. Famous for its elaborate masks and baroque costumes, this carnival offers traditional night walks, moonlit parades, magic shows and magic tricks.

The history of this carnival dates back to the 12th century, when celebrations were held in honor of the ruler of the city, as noted in historical chronicles. To this day, the main figure of the Carnival in Castiglion Fibocchi remains King Bocco. This year, the carnival will take place over two weekends in a row and will be dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and his 500th anniversary of his death.



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