A Journey of Luxury: Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Expands to the Italian Riviera

In a dazzling move that marks a historic first in its 40-year legacy, the world’s most renowned luxury train, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, is set to grace the picturesque landscapes of the Ligurian coast in Italy this June. A one-way ticket for this extraordinary expedition comes with a price tag of nearly 8,000 euros, promising an opulent two-day voyage that seamlessly connects Paris and Portofino.

As the train embarks on its journey, traversing the idyllic countryside of France and the Italian Riviera, passengers will be treated to an unforgettable experience. Upon reaching the Ligurian coastline, guests will indulge in a two-night stay at the luxurious Splendido Belmond hotel nestled in the heart of Portofino. The experience is designed to be a symphony of delectable cuisine, impeccable cabin service, musical enchantment, and various forms of entertainment, creating memories that will linger for a lifetime—albeit at a cost that not everyone can afford, with a one-way ticket on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express priced at almost 8,000 euros.

The route and travel itinerary are nothing short of a masterpiece. After settling into their cabins, passengers will journey through the cities of Dijon, Lyon, and Avignon. Throughout the expedition, a sumptuous dinner awaits in the train’s restaurant cars—Côte d’Azur, L’Oriental, and Étoile du Nord. The culinary experience features a summer menu curated by Michelin-starred chef Jean Imbert, paired with carefully selected wines from the train’s extensive collection, paying homage to the finest European labels.

Post-dinner, guests can continue their evening in the Car “3674” bar, indulging in a curated selection of handcrafted beverages accompanied by live music. The Uppertones, a trio specializing in swing, boogie, and calypso, will provide entertainment until the late hours, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere onboard.

Mornings bring a lavish continental breakfast served in the seclusion of cabins, with breathtaking coastal panoramas unfolding in the background as the train glides through iconic cities like Cannes, Nice, and Monte Carlo, connecting France with Italy.

As the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express crosses the Italian border, travelers can admire the bustling towns of Ventimiglia, Savona, and Genoa. The journey concludes with a delightful brunch before arriving in Santa Margherita Ligure. While the train adventure concludes, the experience continues with a two-night stay at the Belmond Splendido hotel in Portofino.

The ticket encompasses a stay that includes a five-course tasting menu signed by chef Jean Imbert at the La Terrazza restaurant, specially crafted for this occasion. Post-lunch drinks at the cocktail bar add a perfect finishing touch to this extraordinary journey, creating a seamless blend of luxury, culture, and scenic beauty that defines the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express experience

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: A Masterpiece of Luxury and Railway History

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern trains, high-speed expresses, and technological innovations, there exists a train that epitomizes refinement, elegance, and history – the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Luxury in every detail, grandeur in every carriage, this train is not merely a mode of transportation but a true work of art, immersing passengers in an era of splendor and magnificence.

The history of this renowned train dates back to 1864 when George Mortimer Pullman, a great railroad builder, brought his dream to life. His train became a manifestation of advanced technologies and luxury, surpassing its time. The introduction of salon and sleeper cars in the 1870s in Britain, coupled with the unique idea of serving meals onboard, laid the foundation for future luxury trains, including the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Simultaneously, in another part of Europe, Belgian entrepreneur George Nagelmackers made his mark in creating luxurious railway carriages, and in 1883, the era of the “Orient Express” commenced, connecting Paris and Giurgiu in Romania. The inaugural inclusion of sleeper cars and restaurant cars marked distinctive features of this train, foreshadowing the future of luxurious rail travel.

However, the true crowning glory of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express arrived in 1906 with the completion of the Simplon Tunnel, linking Switzerland and Italy beneath the mighty Alps. This monumental achievement significantly reduced travel time between Paris and Venice, paving the way for the resurgence of luxury train travel after World War II.

Since 1982, the Orient Express, now known as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, has resurrected its glorious character. The inaugural journey from London to Venice marked the return of the iconic train, inviting passengers on a unique voyage into history and luxury.

The modern Venice Simplon-Orient-Express preserves the spirit of a bygone era, offering passengers not only comfort and opulence in meticulously restored carriages but also an atmosphere of historical grandeur. In every moment of the journey, an aura of splendor lingers, and the unique routes provide an opportunity to experience the magic of the past seamlessly blended with contemporary style.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is more than just a train. It is a vivid embodiment of luxury and history, a living legend inviting every passenger on a captivating journey through time and style, where every detail is a harmonious chord in the symphony of greatness

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Elegance: Ticket Prices and Routes

Embark on a journey of luxury with the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, where each trip is a unique adventure. Prices for double cabins vary:

  • £3800.00 (from Rome to Paris) ≈ €4461.60
  • £4270.00 (from Amsterdam to Verona) ≈ €5016.77
  • £19000.00 (from Istanbul to Paris) ≈ €22303.00

For an extraordinary experience in the Grand Suite:

  • £8300.00 (from London to Verona) ≈ €9766.20
  • £11195.00 (from Venice to Amsterdam) ≈ €13143.63

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change. Detailed itineraries and current prices can be found on the official website: Belmond. Secure your ticket in advance and immerse yourself in the delightful world of travel with unparalleled comfort





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Como – Milan – from € 90.-
Bergamo – Milan – from € 90.-
Lugano – Milan – from € 140.-
Fiumicino Airport – Rome – from € 70.-
Ciampino Airport – Rome – from € 70.-
Civitavecchia – Rome – from € 150.-
Milan – Rome – from € 900.-

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