A Journey into Passion and Artistry: Ferrari Museum in Maranello

Italy, the land of passion, art, and the gleaming stretches of automotive roads. At the heart of this passion lies the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, a place where the history of the legendary brand comes to life, reflecting its unwavering commitment to quality and aesthetics. This museum is not just a building with a collection of cars; it’s a sacred space where each automobile carries not only technical specifications but also the soul of engineers, the dreams of creators, and the whirlwind of passion.

Chariot of Italian Dreams

The Ferrari brand is not just automotive; it is a symbol of Italian design and technological perfection. The Ferrari Museum becomes the gateway to a world where every visitor meets great racers and unique automobiles, taking part in an exciting journey through time and the evolution of technologies.

Treasure Trove of Technological Marvels

The museum’s exhibition is a true treasure trove for tech enthusiasts and automotive history lovers. From rare models representing the golden age of motorsports to modern technological marvels — here, every visitor finds something unique and inspiring.

Behind the Scenes

The Ferrari Museum invites guests into the captivating world of car production. Tours of the production lines allow visitors to delve into the secrets of crafting each automobile — from the initial sketch to the finishing touch, giving each car a unique character and individuality.

Taste of Italian Passionate Lifestyle

After an enriching exploration of the exhibits, guests can savor the splendid Italian hospitality at the museum’s café. Here, one can taste traditional dishes while enjoying views of magnificent Ferrari cars parked outside.

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello is not just a museum; it is an immersion into an atmosphere of passion, dreams, and technical excellence. Here, every visitor becomes a part of history, merging with the soul of a brand that has captured millions of hearts worldwide. In this museum, the history of Ferrari comes alive, as does the love for the artistry of automotive craftsmanship

Legendary Speedways: Unveiling the Street Racing History at the Modena Circuit

In the sun-kissed town of Maranello, home to the legendary Ferrari brand, a new chapter in the annals of automotive passion has been unveiled. The Ferrari Museum invites visitors on an exhilarating journey through the golden era of street racing that left an indelible mark on the Modena Circuit from the 1950s to 1976.

The Birth of the Modena Aerodrome

A sports aerodrome, symbolizing passion and speed, took flight in response to the demands of local car manufacturers in May 1950. At that time, a space was needed to host sporting and testing events. Situated between Via Emilia and Strada Formigina, the Modena Circuit became a hub where legends were born and cars were prepared for the most prestigious races, including the Grand Prix, Mille Miglia, and Targa Florio.

“Little Indianapolis” in Italy

The exhibition showcased narrates the ambiance of those times through unique images and rare archival footage. The Modena Circuit, dubbed the “Little Indianapolis,” emerged as a key player on the global motorsport stage, capturing the attention of drivers, celebrities, and automakers alike.

A Time-travel Journey with Ferrari

At the heart of the exhibition is a collection featuring two legendary Ferraris that underwent thrilling trials on the Modena Circuit. The 1948 166 MM, undergoing tests since the 1950s, and the 1957 315 S, which first tasted victory on this circuit before triumphing in the final Mille Miglia with Piero Taruffi.

Ode to Speed and Passion

The Ferrari Museum exhibition is not just a chronicle of races; it is an ode to an era where speed and passion became integral to Italian automotive culture. Inspired by those days when every engine roar and hairpin turn was a ballad of freedom and excitement.

Encounter with Legends

The exhibition in Maranello is a unique opportunity to encounter legendary moments and the great names that made the Modena Circuit a pinnacle of automotive passion. With a rich archival material, visitors to the Ferrari Museum can immerse themselves in an era where every moment on the track was a masterpiece.

History for the Ages

The “Legendary Speedways” exhibition at the Ferrari Museum will be open to visitors until April 2024. It is an invitation to embark on an enthralling journey into the past and relive the atmosphere of times when every revolution of the wheel became a part of the grand history of motor racing





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